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Welcome to the Coffeyville Sub model railroad website. The layout is a freelanced railroad depicting a branch line running from Coffeyville, Kansas to Nevada, Mo. Nassau Junction. The layout is modeled in late 1958 to 1959. The maximum train length is 10 to 11 cars total not including the locomotive. Maximum speed limit is 25 miles per hour including passenger equipment. CVP’s Easy DCC is used for control. The road trains are ran from T-5000 wireless throttles and the yard jobs have designated tethered throttles. The F6 braking function can be utilized on the yard locos and the tethered throttles work best for this type of operation. JMRI is in its infancy on the layout but it works pretty well. All manifests, switch list’s and train schedules are generated with JMRI. There are no ground throws on the layout. All turnouts are connected to Tortoise switch machines and controlled with decoders either by push button or by the dispatchers control panel.


Stuff that is in process.


This model is built from scratch from plastic. The windows and doors are 3D printed by me.

It was built from photos and measurements.

Still needs the signs.

This model is built from scratch from photos and measurements from the foundation.

Most all models have lights.

This is a kit. This is one of my favorite projects. The model was weathered with chalks and pastels.

I added the ladder, doors and walkways.

Still needs the signs.